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Hair Tissue Mineral Evaluation (HTMA) Take a look at assessment and my outcomes

Sharing my expertise with Hair Tissue Mineral Evaluation and my outcomes.

Hello associates! How are ya? I hope you’re having fun with the day thus far. In the present day is admin stuff, plus a house power coaching exercise and breakfast for dinner tonight.

For at this time’s submit, I needed to share my expertise with HTMA as one of many testing instruments I’ve been utilizing. I shared extra about my food sensivity test here, and can do one other submit on my Candida, Metabolic, and Nutritional vitamins check. It’s been actually unimaginable to get insights about imbalances, particularly with the attention and autoimmune stuff I’ve skilled prior to now yr.

At first look, HTMA looks as if a *easy* check, however there’s a lot that goes into it, and SO a lot that it could possibly inform you. It’s a snapshot of how your physique is responding to emphasize. After we’re careworn, we burn by way of our minerals extra rapidly, which may depart us depleted and exhausted. This will also be a really useful postpartum software, as infants use vitamins from the mother. The minerals work in pairs, so it’s essential to look at the relationships between the minerals, and attempt to discover stability. There’ll by no means be a *good* HTMA check end result; it’s extra about seeing enhancements in your physique over time.

Embarking on a journey to know your physique’s distinctive wants and intricacies is a strong step in the direction of holistic well-being. In the present day I’m going to share what this check entails, its advantages, the method, and my private expertise.

Be aware: This info is predicated on private expertise and schooling. Seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled for customized recommendation. This check doesn’t dianose, forestall, deal with, or remedy sickness or illness. It’s merely an informational software in your distinctive physique. 

Hair Tissue Mineral Evaluation (HTMA) Take a look at assessment

What’s HTMA and What Can It Inform You?

HTMA is a diagnostic software that analyzes mineral content material in your hair tissue. As our hair displays the mineral composition of our physique, this non-invasive check presents a window into the previous 90 days of mineral imbalances, heavy steel publicity, and potential dietary deficiencies. It goes past surface-level signs, and may also help uncover root causes of assorted well being points. Minerals are important for our total physique and are the “spark plugs.”

Execs and Advantages:

HTMA supplies a holistic perspective in your mineral standing, aiding within the identification of imbalances that will contribute to well being challenges. It could additionally give perception into your nervous system, adrenal perform, thyroid perform, and absorption.

Early Detection: Detecting mineral imbalances early permits for proactive changes to forestall potential well being points

Tailor-made Diet: With insights from HTMA, customized vitamin plans could be crafted to handle particular deficiencies and promote general well-being.


Exterior Contamination: Exterior components like hair merchandise or environmental publicity might affect check outcomes. Selecting a good lab and following pre-test tips mitigates this concern.

How one can Take the Take a look at:

Order the Package: Choose a reliable HTMA supplier and order your package. (I work with shoppers with test-only packages, and as a part of 1:1 teaching.)

Accumulate Hair Pattern: Comply with the package directions to gather a hair pattern from the again of your head, closest to your scalp. You don’t want a ton of hair; it’s a couple of tablespoon. The check package comes with a paper scale to make sure you have sufficient.

Ship to Lab: Mail the pattern to the designated lab for evaluation.

That is my check – I did a full breakdown of the outcomes over on IG.

Who Could Profit from HTMA?

Power Well being Points:

People experiencing persistent well being challenges might profit from uncovering underlying mineral imbalances.


Optimizing mineral ranges is essential for athletes aiming to reinforce efficiency and restoration.

Preventive Well being:

Proactively addressing potential imbalances can probably forestall future well being points.

The Breakdown of HTMA Outcomes:

HTMA outcomes provide a complete breakdown of assorted minerals and heavy metals in your physique. Key minerals embrace magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and hint parts like zinc and copper. Elevated or depleted ranges of those minerals can present insights into potential well being points.

Understanding Mineral Imbalances:

Magnesium: Deficiency might contribute to muscle cramps, anxiousness, and fatigue.

Calcium: Elevated ranges might influence cardiovascular well being and bone density.

Zinc: An important mineral for immune perform; deficiency can have an effect on wound therapeutic and immunity.

Copper: Imbalances might affect vitality ranges and contribute to hormonal points.

Decoding Heavy Steel Publicity:

HTMA additionally assesses publicity to heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium. Elevated ranges might point out environmental publicity or impaired cleansing pathways.

Hair Tissue Mineral Evaluation (HTMA) classifies people into totally different metabolic sorts based mostly on their oxidation price. This price, generally known as the metabolic sort, categorizes folks into quick oxidizers, sluggish oxidizers, or combined oxidizers.

Right here’s a really transient overview of every:

Quick Oxidizers:

Metabolic Traits: Quick oxidizers have a speedy oxidation price, which means their our bodies course of vitamins rapidly.

Frequent Traits: They might expertise bursts of vitality adopted by fatigue, have issue sustaining weight, and sometimes crave sweets.

Dietary Suggestions: Quick oxidizers might profit from a food plan wealthy in complicated carbohydrates, average proteins, and wholesome fat to assist stabilize blood sugar ranges.

Gradual Oxidizers:

Metabolic Traits: Gradual oxidizers have a slower oxidation price, which means their our bodies metabolize vitamins at a extra gradual tempo.

Frequent Traits: They might battle with low vitality, weight achieve, and expertise cravings for stimulants like caffeine.

Dietary Suggestions: Gradual oxidizers might profit from a food plan emphasizing lean proteins, complicated carbohydrates, and average wholesome fat to assist sustained vitality ranges.Combined Oxidizers:

Metabolic Traits:

Combined oxidizers exhibit traits of each quick and sluggish oxidizers, showcasing a stability between speedy and sluggish metabolic charges.

Frequent Traits: They might expertise a mix of signs from each quick and sluggish oxidizers, making their dietary wants a bit extra nuanced.

Dietary Suggestions: Combined oxidizers profit from a balanced food plan that comes with parts from each quick and sluggish oxidizer dietary suggestions.

My Private Expertise:

Having undergone HTMA, I found worthwhile insights into my mineral standing. The check recognized areas of enchancment, guiding me in the direction of focused dietary changes and supplementation. Whereas not a standalone answer, HTMA serves as a strong software in my holistic well being journey. (My meals sensitivity testing and OAT have been additionally extraordinarily insightful!)

For those who’re interested by any practical testing, please ship me an e mail gina@fitnessista.com topic TESTING

It makes such an enormous distinction to take dietary supplements your physique wants, as an alternative of ones you suppose you *ought to* be taking (which may even be inflicting damaging results). New 1:1 shoppers that signal with a 3-month package deal, they’ll obtain a free HTMA and Candida, Metabolic, and Minerals check (a $499 worth).

Have an exquisite day and I’ll see ya quickly!



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